Friday, October 23, 2020

I got my MBA!

Yes, I actually have an MBA as of last year and that was after starting off with a 4th grade Amish education, and now having a Masters's degree is amazing. I have thought about getting a Doctorate but it comes down to money, and yes, it would be a challenge for me, especially with my anxiety. I would have a hard time focusing, but I did it with my undergraduate and graduate degrees. 

If you ever thought about going back to school and getting your degree, I encourage you to do so. Remember my education stopped short at the end of the 4th grade, which is shorter than most Amish have even with Yoder V. Wisconson. They normally get 8 grades of education before they go work on a farm with horses that don't pay the bills so they have to find another income source. I got even less education than these fellow Amish men, but I eventually decided I needed that GED, I got it then my Bachelor's and Master's degree.

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